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Jessica Naomi Nagasawa

Japanese origin and Brazilian creation, she has always lived in a mix of different cultures. Always been fascinated by the universe of arts, books, and stationery. As a teenager, she started to develop graphic works and was introduced to the design world. She started his professional career focused on publicity and advertising further studying design with an emphasis on visual communication, moreover decided to invest in her universe and create JNN Design.

With strong oriental and Western influences, she unites both in a minimalist style. Working in the creative field since 2014, she specialized in creative solutions for digital and physical media in general – creation of graphic pieces, media planning, and advertising consulting.

JNN Design

Disseminating and simplifying ideas, making processes easier and more productive, combining beauty and functionality – this is our mission.

Acting worldwide, we seek to understand the need and reality of each client, shaping the services offered to achieve each proposed goal with excellence. We believe that every business is unique and has endless potential – publicizing it properly is the key to its growth and our particular goal.

What JNN Design can offer:

  • Strategic planning for communication
  • Graphic creations
  • Development of advertising campaigns
  • Digital media management
  • Social media planning
  • Visual identity and branding
  • Simple institutional sites
  • Image treatment and retouch
  • Layout for books, magazines and manuals
  • Translation into languages – English, Portuguese, Spanish, German and Japanese
  • Institutional short videos
  • SEO for blogs and websites
  • Digital advertising – Facebook Business and Google Ads
  • Design thinking for packaging and products
  • Classes and training on Graphic Design in general

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